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Vively's app + sensor takes real-time glucose readings to power health and wellbeing insights that matter

Designed to support health and fitness optimisation, weight loss, fatigue and insulin resistance.

  • Track your glucose levels in real-time
  • Get medical-grade insights about your diet & lifestyle
  • In-app dietitian support, 24/7
  • 1x CGM sensor, lasts for 14 days
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"It really benefits people who have been recently diagnosed and want a second opinion or alternative treatment options"

Samantha L

- Samantha L


"Vively helps me in getting resources and more information about what affects PCOS, particularly in regards to the mind and wellness"

Morgan T

- Morgan T


"The best part is having a whole health team to help me with PCOS in one site/app. It’s great for people who don’t have enough time to physically go to their appointment"

Charlaine A

- Charlaine A


"Vively gives me the assistance from registered professionals and is a great time saving option"

Michelle D

- Michelle D

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See what spikes your glucose and learn what you can do to optimise your metabolic health

We’re all unique. So is our glucose response.

Blood sugar (or blood glucose) is the amount of glucose in the blood at a given time.

What affects this? Your DNA, your microbiome and the context in which you eat –and this is unique for everyone. For example, your body’s reaction to oatmeal can be totally different to someone else’s.

It is normal for your blood sugar to rise after a meal, but if it stays elevated for an extended period of time it’s often an indicator that the body has trouble regulating its sugar metabolism.

Maintaining healthy glucose levels is essential to your health. High blood sugar after eating can cause type 2 diabetes in the long term.


Compare image burger with salad

Early Dinner 9

Glucose change: +0.4 mmol/L

Number of spikes: #0

Late Dinner8

Glucose change: -0,6 mmol/L

Number of spikes: #1

Caesar Salad

6 hours7

Glucose change: +0.1 mmol/L

Number of spikes: #1

8 hours8

Glucose change: +1.2 mmol/L

Number of spikes: #0

Rogan Josh


Glucose change: +0.8 mmol/L

Number of spikes: #0

No Walk3

Glucose change: +1 mmol/L

Number of spikes: #1

The best way to get personalised glucose insights

Gleaning meaningful insight from glucose data can be difficult, expensive and time-consuming. Thankfully, Vively seamlessly transforms your data into science-backed insights in real-time

Food Score

Food score

Your food is analysed and scored from 5 to 10. Learn how your body responds to food, exercise, sleep, stress & more

Compare & experiment

Compare & experiment

Compare and experiment with your meals, workouts and sleep to see what variations and tweaks may work better for you

Daily Wellness Score

Daily Wellness Score

A daily score to keep track of your overall health and wellbeing, and measure trends over time. Based on your food, habits, stress & more



Tag your meals, snacks, drinks and activities to keep track of the things that work best for you

3 month membership plans

$249 per quarter, cancel anytime
Analysis of your glucose data

1. Get your data

Use your CGM sensor over 14 days to build up an analysis of your glucose data and other health metrics (exercise, sleep, HRV etc)
Action your insights

2. Action your insights

Over the next 2.5 months, action your insights and see improvements in your metabolic health, diet and lifestyle
Achieve your goals

3. Achieve your goals

After 3 months, receive your next CGM sensor to adapt to new lifestyle changes and achieve your health goals

What's included in your membership

Created by leading holistic health practitioner Dr Woolhouse

Transforming complex physiological and behaviour data points into actionable health insights
Dr Michelle Woolhouse

Dr Michelle Woolhouse is one of Australia's leading integrative GPs with 20+ years experience using the proven therapeutic interventions of lifestyle medicine to improve symptoms such as weight gain, sleep, infertility, skin and hair problems

Dr Woolhouse is an author and host of The Good Doctor podcast, a popular show that has attracted over 500,000+ downloads

MBBS, FRACGP, ACNEM, FASLM, Grad Dip. Mind-Body Medicine

Understanding glucose responses is difficult.
Our app makes it easy.

Everyone has different glucose responses to different foods, workouts and other lifestyle factors. Even identical twins (yep, this has been proven in research)

So unfortunately, you can't just look this one up in Google.

You need experts to interpret your data, but this is often expensive and inaccessible for a lot of people in Australia.

Wellness score

This is what sets us apart:

We've worked with the leading integrative doctors and behavioural scientists to take complex physiological data points from your glucose and other health data, and transform it into actionable insights that are personalised to your unique lifestyle and diet

Get up to speed with all things glucose management

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What is the importance of having a Continuous Glucose Monitor?

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A continuous glucose monitor (CGM) device is a type of glucose monitor that works through a tiny sensor inserted under your skin. It measures your interstitial glucose level, or the fluid between your cells, every few minutes. A transmitter in the device wirelessly sends the information to a mobile app on your phone so that you can monitor what your blood sugar is doing throughout the day.

If you do not have diabetes, you may be wondering: aren’t glucose monitors not needed for someone like myself? Even if you do not have prediabetes or diabetes but are insulin resistant - or borderline insulin resistant - committing to several months of using a CGM can be a powerful way to discover what foods, exercises, and habits keep your blood sugar stable and thereby reduce your risk of developing a more serious condition down the line.

The instant and personalised feedback about your dietary and lifestyle choices that a CGM provides feedback about what specifically works for your body to optimise your hormone balance, fertility, and overall health.

For example, both brown rice and quinoa are whole grain carbohydrates. But perhaps your body metabolises quinoa in a way that does not cause a blood sugar spike or vice versa. Or maybe it's a matter of whether you are eating a certain food before or after a workout that makes your body tolerate it better. See where we're going here?

How much does it cost?

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Motivation to live healthier comes in cycles. So, our membership pricing does too. $249 for 1 CGM sensor + access to the beta app for 3 months. Renews every quarter, cancel anytime.

This includes:
- Access to the Vively beta app for 3 months - including unlimited access to your Vively glucose insights, habit building technology and more
- 1 CGM sensor (lasts 14 days each) — we ship this to you with free delivery + get a complete guide on how to use it. You can purchase more at any time through the app at cost price ($129 per sensor)
- Option to BYO wearable e.g. smart watch

Why do you only provide one 14-day sensor in a 3 month plan?

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Great question. At $129 per sensor, that could get quite expensive and out of reach for lots of people. Fast!

That's why Vively has designed a system that only requires 14 days worth of glucose data every 3 months. Once we have your data, our dietitian and algorithms use that data to help you implement your insights and learnings, in a measurable way. Then in 3 months time, we re-calibrate your glucose data with another sensor. That way, we bring the cost right down for you, but you're still able to adapt to any changes in your diet and lifestyle.

That said, you can purchase additional sensors through the app at cost price whenever you like. Free shipping included.

Do you replace faulty sensors?

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Yes, we do. Occasionally there will be faulty sensors, and we'll replace them for you free of charge. We won't be able to replace sensors that have been damaged or mis-used by the user.

What is insulin resistance?

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Insulin is a hormone secreted by your pancreas that regulates blood sugar levels. Its function is to convert glucose, or blood sugar, into energy for bodily functions.

Insulin resistance occurs when your muscles, fat, and liver do not respond to insulin. If your body does not respond to insulin, your blood sugar remains higher (since it is not being converted into energy as efficiently) and your pancreas will produce more insulin, leaving your insulin levels high as well. People who are insulin resistant are likely to develop type 2 diabetes and inflammatory conditions down the line.

Oftentimes, individuals may not exhibit any symptoms, but over time as the condition worsens, the pancreas is no longer able to produce enough insulin, which results in elevated blood sugar levels. As a result of high blood sugar levels, symptoms such as hunger, energy spikes and crashes, stubborn weight gain, frequent urination, thirst, headaches, and skin infections can occur.

What is lifestyle medicine?

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Lifestyle medicine is a multi-disciplinary approach of working towards improved prevention, management, and treatment of chronic, complex and lifestyle-related conditions.  ‘Lifestyle-related’ includes environmental, societal, behavioural and other factors.  Lifestyle Medicine is a rapidly growing science-backed discipline, and Vively makes it easy to access and affordable for everyone.

What happens to my data?

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At Vively we take our data security very seriously. All of your data is 256 bit SSL/TLS encrypted. Access to your medical records are encrypted with the industry standard AES-256 encryption algorithm to protect your data at all times. You can read more about this in our privacy policy.
Only our health professionals and authorised staff will have access to view your medical records. Data can be stored on third party servers, but it’s always encrypted.