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Vively gives you irrefutable data about your health

We help health-conscious people to dramatically improve their health & wellbeing using powerful data


of Vively members report an improvement in their weight levels


of Vively members report an improvement in their energy levels


of Vively members give 4+ stars for the program

Over 7,000+ members have transformed their diet and lifestyle based on their unique glucose data

Vively seamlessly converts your data into evidence-informed insights in real-time, making it easy to understand and take action
Food Scoring
Food score

Your food is analysed and given a score out of 10 based on the glucose response and nutritional value. Log food from Australia's largest food database of over 100K+ ingredients.

Compare & experiment
Compare & experiment

Compare and experiment with your meals, workouts and sleep to discover the variations and tweaks that may work better for your unique physiology and lifestyle.

Daily Wellness Score
Daily Wellness Score

A daily score to keep track of your overall health and wellbeing, and measure trends over time. Dive deeper with insights for metabolic health, nutrition, fitness, sleep & resilience.

Data-driven guides

Get actionable recommendations for lifestyle and diet improvements based on your data, in real-time as your health data is interpreted.


What's included in your plan

Manage your blood sugar levels with the leading glucose monitoring system in New Zealand
We’re all unique. So is our glucose response.

Blood sugar (or blood glucose) is the amount of glucose in the blood at a given time.

What affects this? Your DNA, your microbiome and the context in which you eat –and this is unique for everyone. For example, your body’s reaction to oatmeal can be totally different to someone else’s.

It is normal for your blood sugar to rise after a meal, but if it stays elevated for an extended period of time it’s often an indicator that the body has trouble regulating its sugar metabolism.

Maintaining healthy glucose levels is essential to your health. High blood sugar after eating can cause type 2 diabetes in the long term.


Compare image burger with salad
Early Dinner 9

Glucose change: +0.4 mmol/L

Number of spikes: #0

Late Dinner 8

Glucose change: -0.6 mmol/L

Number of spikes: #1

Caesar Salad
6 hours7

Glucose change: +0.1 mmol/L

Number of spikes: #1

8 hours8

Glucose change: +1.2 mmol/L

Number of spikes: #0

Rogan Josh
Walk 7

Glucose change: +0.8 mmol/L

Number of spikes: #0

No Walk3

Glucose change: +1 mmol/L

Number of spikes: #1

Created by leading GP, Dr Michelle Woolhouse

Transforming complex physiological and behaviour data points into actionable health insights
Dr Michelle Woolhouse

Dr Michelle Woolhouse is one of Australia's leading integrative GPs with 20+ years experience using the proven therapeutic interventions of lifestyle medicine to improve symptoms such as weight gain, sleep, infertility, skin and hair problems

Dr Woolhouse is the host of "The Good Doctors" and "FX Medicine" podcasts, which have attracted millions of downloads in Australia. Dr Woolhouse also authored the popular mental health book "The Wonder Within"

Dr Woolhouse's credentials include MBBS, FRACGP, ACNEM, FASLM and Grad Dip. Mind-Body Medicine

What is a CGM?

A continuous glucose monitor (CGM) is a small, discreet and water-resistant sensor that measures the spikes and dips of your glucose levels in real-time. Your CGM sensor connects to your Vively app to power your glucose insights.

Your sensor is:




Quick to apply

Continuous glucose monitor (CGM) sensor
Your Journey
First Sensor: Days 1–14
Get to Know Your Body

Track your foods to evaluate your current diet and lifestyle habits. Reveal what spikes your blood sugar, and understand how meal timing, exercise, and sleep affect you.

Second Sensor: Days 15-29
Amend Where Needed

Start building an optimal diet and habit plan that fit your body's needs. Explore new meals, intermittent fasting or post-meal walks to keep your balance. Get inspired by daily progress.

Third Sensor and beyond: Days 30 onwards
Forever Curious

Sustain a metabolically healthy lifestyle by exploring more nuanced ways how your metabolism functions. Stay accountable with weekly progress reports.

Connect to 12+ wearables to supercharge your insights

Our suite of wearables integrations supercharge the insights from the Vively platform. Easily connect them in the app and start learning new insights about your health straight away.

Your wearables automatically power:

Exercise insights

Sleep insights

Stress insights

Glucose optimisations

12+ wearables to get unique insights about your diet and lifestyle
Couple showing their CGM sensor patches
Quotation marks

I've tried so many different supplements, natural health products and diet programs but I never knew what I actually needed. Vively changed that in 48 hours.

Quotation marks
A Vively customer and family
Adam Pisk
Vively customer rating of 5 stars
Vively customers

Understanding glucose data is difficult.
Our app makes it easy.

Everyone has different glucose responses to different foods, workouts and other lifestyle factors. Even identical twins (yep, this has been proven in research)

So unfortunately, you can't just look this stuff up in Google.

You need experts to interpret your data, but this is often expensive and inaccessible for a lot of people in Australia.

Wellness score

This is what sets us apart:

We've worked with the leading integrative doctors and behavioural scientists to take complex physiological data points from your glucose and other health data, and transform it into actionable insights that are personalised to your unique lifestyle and diet

Dive deeper with dietitian support

Get 1:1 ongoing support from an Accredited Practising Dietitian.

Your dietitian can work with you to find your ideal personalised diet, provide accountability, help you decode your data and help you understand your metabolic health data even better.

Ongoing support from an accredited practising dietitian.

Get up to speed with all things glucose management

We're on a social purpose-driven mission

We believe that people need a better way to take action for a healthier diet and lifestyle if we're to tackle the largest health crisis of our times - chronic disease.

Until now, living a healthy diet and lifestyle has been confusing, frustrating and overwhelming. Wellness has not been a focus of the healthcare system.

Vively solves this by taking your complex physiological biomarkers and lifestyle data, and transforming it into personalised medical-grade insights that delight, inspire and empower better health.

We're a team of leading integrative doctors, behavioural scientists, engineers and creators building a brand new category of healthcare.

If you’d like some help to decide if Vively is right for you, or have some questions, feel free to contact our friendly team.


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